BlogBeats, there has never been a better or easier way to market online ever!

If you have a business or have ever thought about starting one, the time is now. This is so epic that you do not even need a computer to execute the most awesome marketing plan in the universe.

The videos are very entertaining.

Wattch the video here now.

This is the first blog post I have created with the BlogBeast (Video) and I can already see how this could make wordpress obsolete.

But I would like to know what you think, after watching the BlogBeast Video 2, which shows you step by step how to create text, audio, image and video blog post in minutes.

Just think how valuable it can be, for your business, if you can point, shoot, upload and blast you content out instantaneously.

Not to mention, how easy it is to create an entire business blog and or website......

...not just one, but multiple blogs to post to, a badass button to syndicate and promote to your team so they can reblog.

How could it get any easier?

Watch the video here....

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think, thanks.

As always to your health, wealth and happiness.

how to turn $5000 into $15K per month online


How To Turn $5000 Into $15K Per Month Online

Why would I be telling you how to turn $5000 into $15K per month online, when there are so many systems that are free or $25 and claim to do the same thing?

Have you heard the saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

If you have found that no cost business that is making you $15k a month, you would not be here reading this article. Don’t feel bad, I haven’t found it either.

Sure there are people making money with these systems, $25, $100 or maybe even $500 a month, but could they show you legitimate proof, how to turn $5000 into $15K per month online with it.

You did not come online to make a couple hundred bucks a month, right? You are searching the internet for a way to create financial freedom, to make 10K a month or more, am I right?

The first business I ever started was a brick and mortar franchise and it was a $250,000 investment up front which took me 5 years to earn back.

The good news, online the upfront investment is much smaller and can be earned back almost immediately, with the right system. Of course there are no guarantees when it comes to making money online.

How To Turn $5000 Into $15K Per Month Online

In 5 years online, I have made good money with 2 business opportunities, and they both cost a few thousand dollars to get in. The first was a $20,000 buy in, made my money back in a couple months and the second and one this article is about is a $5000 buy in and I made my money back and more in less time. It is possible to to get your money back in a day or two. I will share that secret with you on the inside.

Don’t get me wrong, just because you spend a lot of money for a system, it does not mean, it works.

It needs to be high converting, meaning, a lot of people making money and not just 1 or 2 making more than 10k a month, or whatever your income goal is. It is important the company is open with their income information and it is updated regularly.

There has to be high commission pay out and nothing is better than 100%, no matter what anyone tells you.

There has to be great training from people that are having the results, they need to reveal to you, the true secret to success.

If you can get all of these things, would it be worth it, if you could stop struggling and solve the mystery how to turn $5000 into 15K per month?

What if it were the perfect system, where the training is the product and the product is the training?

What if you bought the product one time and you could get paid on it over and over again, $500, $1000 and $3000 in 100% commissions?

If your answer is yes, click here to get started.

How To Turn $5000 Into $15K Per Month Online

But wait, there’s more….that’s right, what if there was a residual component built in, meaning that you get paid $25 to $125 per month, month after month.

There is….click here for all the details and proof.

Another saying “you have to spend money to make money”, is true unless you develop your own product to sell, you need to find one that you can buy that offers you a chance to reach your goal…………

……that’s what you are being offered here, so if you can handle the truth, are serious and determined to create wealth online.….Click Here NOW!

As always to your health, wealth and happiness.

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breakthrough to success


How To Breakthrough To Success Online And Take Control Of Your Life

If you want to breakthrough to success in life, there is one thing that you need to understand, your income is In direct proportion to who you associate with. Meaning the people that you spend the most time with on a daily basis.


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The concept that your income can be determined by the 5 people you are most closely associated and spend the most time with has been proven time and time again. Think about the 5 people you spend the most time hanging out with, figure the average of their income, now determine how it compares to yours.

You have always gone after what you want with the best intention, but something always seems to happen, that keeps you from having that breakthrough to success that you see so many others achieve.

I am going to share the secret to getting the breakthrough to success that you desire and deserve, here in a moment.

First you need to understand how powerful the mind is and in this case I am talking about the subconscious mind.

At any given moment you are thinking about one thing consciously, but your unconscious mind is performing thousands of task simultaneously in the back ground, moving your arms, hands and legs.

What are now, natural motions were taught to your unconscious mind as you grew from a baby, the same way that limited beliefs have been engrained inside of you over time.

Think of a horse, a huge animal that is guided by a tiny piece of metal in it’s mouth called a bit. The bit has a piece of leather on each side.

How To Breakthrough To Success Online And Take Control Of Your Life

No matter how strong willed the horse is determined to move straight forward, the slightest tug in either direction will make it move off course.

The same thing happens when you set a goal and a family member says “you can’t do that” or a friend says “you will never be rich”, you start to have doubt and either get off course or lose the will to go forward (control your own destiny).

You can break free, create a “breakthrough to success” by making a decision….

….to take the bit out of your mouth, to associating with people that have what you want, by feeding positive things into your mind.

But first you have to decide, take action…do that now.…click here.

When you take action, make a commitment, set a clear intention and focus on what you want, you will be set free..….freedom starts here now.

How To Breakthrough To Success Online And Take Control Of Your Life

Free to control your own destiny, to get what you have always wanted, you have everything you need to breakthrough to success within you now….

….let it out, unleash the entrepreneur within you .…..click here now.

As always to your health, wealth and happiness.

P.S. – I Believe In YOU!

home buying

Don’t Be Intimidated! Learn These Tips For An Easier Home Buying Experience

Especially for novices, home buying is a very significant decision. The amount of time and money that must be invested in the process can cause a significant amount of stress. Use the tips in this article to maximize success and ease your concerns.

Do a quantitative analysis of your area’s housing market. You need to check with certain websites that can tell you about the average prices of foreclosed homes, listings, and backlogs as well. Find out about unemployment rates, average income, and how local employers are doing. A good location with good products can put you on top even if the trends are down.

Ask the seller of the home to help with the closing costs before making an offer. One common practice is to request that the seller “buy down” interest rates for one or two years. With incentives thrown into to the deal, however, it is less likely that the seller will move on the selling price.

Don’t Be Intimidated! Learn These Tips For An Easier Home Buying Experience

When home buying, do not let the home’s decor affect your purchase decision. Smart sellers hide their house’s flaws with decorative items, so you need to learn how to look past the decor and analyze a home based on its architecture and structural condition. When basing a purchase on the decor of the house, you might overlook serious defects which can be expensive to fix after the purchase.

Find out more about rental properties. If you want to buy some rental property, do not buy it until you have looked at the rental records for two years. The reason behind this is so that you are sure that the individual who is selling you the property has provided you with the right information about what sort of income you can expect to receive from the property. Your lender will probably want to view verification of income prior to issuing the property’s purchase loan.

Don’t Be Intimidated! Learn These Tips For An Easier Home Buying Experience

Do you feel ready to buy now? The information you’ve learned here should give you the confidence you need to get over any concerns you might have had about home buying. Your success depends on how much of a commitment you are ready to make to studying real estate. Purchasing real estate doesn’t have to be frustrating or difficult. It’s exciting to own something! Don’t waste money just to own something, though. Consider all the costs and benefits before purchasing a piece of property.

Buying a home is a major investment so when home buying you need all the help you can get. Make the process fun and easy, get the information you need here with the “FREE Home Buyers Guide To Success”

As always to your health, wealth and happiness.

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buy real estate

How To Buy Real Estate Helpful Tips For Purchasing Your Next Home

Many people are afraid to buy real estate for various reasons. Real estate is hard to predict and the market is currently not healthy. It is natural to be concerned and to proceed carefully. Here are some suggestions to help navigate the unsettled sea of buying real estate today.

Homes that need multiple improvements or updates are sold at a reduced price. This enables you to pay less initially, while letting you decide how best to upgrade your new home. You are creating the exact home you want, while simultaneously adding value with every project. So always consider a home’s potential, rather than just focusing on the negatives that you can see. Ignore the surface imperfections and see if your dream home is peeking out from behind a worn facade.

Remember that a minimum down payment is required, and you should be certain that you have it. If you don’t put a sufficient amount of money down on your house, you’ll have to pay mortgage insurance premiums. PMI protects the bank and shows that you will make your payments; however, the extra cost adds up and your monthly payments will increase because of it.

How To Buy Real Estate Helpful Tips For Purchasing Your Next Home

Make a list of questions you want to ask, and take it with you when you interview real estate agents. Ask crucial questions, like the number of homes they have sold the previous year and the number you’re interested in currently in your area. Regardless of the questions you ask, a good real estate agent will have ready answers to your questions. Make sure all questions are answered professionally.

Before you begin the home buying search, you will want to hire a reliable real estate agent. Researching their background is made quite simple and convenient through the use of the Internet and checking with the agencies that monitor consumer complaints. The best references are from family, friends and trusted co-workers.

It is important to remain patient when you buy real estate, and be realistic when seeking a property to purchase. It takes a while to find the right property for your goals and strategy.

Buying a piece of property should only be undertaken after conducting much research. Lots of people are too eager to get into the real estate market and end up making bad purchasing which causes them to lose a great deal of time and money. Always try to understand as much about your area and all the real estate info available before you even consider buying a property.

How To Buy Real Estate Helpful Tips For Purchasing Your Next Home

You should now be able to find the resources you need, and have a better idea of how to buy real estate if you use these tips. Understanding the entire real estate buying process is vital if you hope to feel confident about buying real estate.

Buying a home is a major investment, so when you buy real estate you need all the help you can get. Make the process fun and easy, get the information you need here with the “FREE Home Buyers Guide To Success”

As always to your health, wealth and happiness.

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